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Entra s.r.o. - laminátová výroba
ENTRA s.r.o. company manufactures fibreglass products. Our production premises are located in Malé Ripňany village in Topoľčany district, where production is performed by qualified and experienced staff. We are concentrating our activities on manufacturing of products customized to the requirements of our clients, which allow us to satisfy your specific needs and requests. Our workshop wher we are producing moulds ourselves is guarantee of quality of our products, while low price of moulds allows high flexibility. Fibreglass products are suitable especially for single-piece and small-lot products and thanks to fibreglass properties they can be used for many different purposes.

Few examples of our product portfolio:
  • Automotive industry
  • manufacturing and repairs of fibreglass components
  • manufacturing of fibreglass panels for repairing of your cars and superstuctures casings
  • repairing of tanks of firefighting vehicles and other cisterns
  • Agriculture
  • wine-dressers tubs production
  • repair of tractor and other machinery casings
  • repair of tanks and cisterns
  • Advertising
  • manufacturing of fibreglass mannequins and fibreglass panels according to your specifications
  • Building industry
  • lining panels
  • covers for different machinery or orher equipment
  • fencing panels
  • repairing and/or reinforcing of components by fibreglass
  • streetlights casings
  • Sports and leisure time
  • slipways for children playgrounds
  • fishing boats, prams
  • stadium seats
  • Hygiene
  • shower enclosures, shower trays
  • sinks, multiply sinks (double, quadruple) with possibility of installation in movable sanitary cells


We are here for you – the customer is our priority.

Some of our products you can see on our web page: www.entra.sk,

Contacts: entra@entra.sk, +421 911 311701


entra-lv@entra.sk, +421 911 751731

If injection moulding solutions are too expensive for your needs, just contact us.

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